Columbia 2017 teams and season highlights. (Click team names for full results and rosters.) 

Columbia 17-Black National Elite - FJ7COLUM1EV - Coach Jim Steach, Coach Matt Helm - 1st Place Regional Ranking (#1 ERVA/AES Mar. 21st U-17), Top Five Regional Ranking (#4 CEVA March U-17), Champions (Bronze Division, CEVA Power League), Top 150 National Ranking (#144 AES March U-17), Champions (U-18 NW Jamboree), All-Tournament Team Members: Madelaine Haynie, Noelani Helm, Breanna Shaffer (NW Jamboree), Top Ten Regional Ranking (#7 ERVA March U-18), 1st Place Regional Ranking (#1 ERVA/AES Mar. 7th U-17), Championship Finalists (Stars & Spikes), Top Five Regional Ranking (#2 ERVA March U-17), 1st Place Regional Ranking (#1 ERVA/AES Feb. 28th U-17), Flight 2A Semifinalists (17-Open, Las Vegas Classic), Top Five Regional Ranking (#4 CEVA Feb U-17), 1st Place Regional Ranking (#1 ERVA/AES Feb. 7th U-17), Top Five Regional Ranking (#3 ERVA Feb U-17), Top Ten Regional Ranking (#10 ERVA Feb U-18), 1st Place Regional Ranking (#1 ERVA/AES Jan. 31st U-17), Champions (Silver Division, VIP Block Party), Top Five Regional Ranking (#4 CEVA Jan U-17), Bronze Qualifiers (U-18 CEVA Power League), Champions (U-18 Silver C Division, Hartner Memorial), Top Five Regional Ranking (#3 CEVA Dec U-17)

Columbia 16-Black National Elite - FJ6COLUM1EV - Coach John Lengphounprauset, Coach Jordan Mix - 1st Place Regional Ranking (#1 ERVA Mar. 22nd), Top Ten Regional Ranking (#6 CEVA March), Finalists (Gold Division, CEVA Power League), 1st Place Regional Ranking (#1 ERVA Mar. 15th), Top Five Regional Ranking (#4 ERVA/AES March), Championship Finalists (16 Power I Gold Division, NW Jamboree), All-Tournament Team Members: Sage Brustad, Hannah Hair, Kaitlyn Thompson (NW Jamboree 16 Power I), Top Ten Regional Ranking (#7 ERVA/AES Feb), Top Five Regional Ranking (#2 ERVA Feb), Flight 1B Quarterfinalists (Las Vegas Classic), Championship Finalists (Adidas Classic), Champions (CEVA Power League 1, Silver Division), Silver Qualifiers (CEVA Power League), Champions (Silver C Division, Hartner Memorial), Top Ten Regional Ranking (#9 CEVA Dec U-16)

Columbia 16-Red National Elite - FJ6COLUM2EV - Coach Russ Tonkyn, Coach Kensey Mix, Coach Jordan Mix, Coach Jen Tonkyn - Champions (Diamond Division, CEVA Power League), Top Ten Regional Ranking (#9 ERVA Mar), Championship Quarterfinalists (16 Power I Gold Division, NW Jamboree), Top Ten Regional Ranking (#8 ERVA/AES Feb. 21st), Champions (CEVA Qualifier Bracket), Diamond Qualifiers (CEVA Power League), Quarterfinalists (Silver B Division, Hartner Memorial)

Columbia 14-Black National Elite - FJ4COLUM1EV - Coach Amy Bishop - Top Ten Regional Ranking (#10 ERVA/AES March); Top Ten Regional Ranking (#10 ERVA March); Championship Semifinalists (Gold Division, Stars & Spikes), Top Ten Regional Ranking (#9 ERVA/AES Feb. 14th), Diamond Qualifiers (CEVA Power League); Championship Finalists (Sweet Spike)

Columbia 14-Red National Elite - FJ4COLUM2EV - Coach Jennille Schab - Championship Semifinalists (CEVA PL March Comeback Division), Finalists (Bronze Division, Stars & Spikes), Championship Semifinalists (CEVA PL Feb Comeback Division), Comeback Qualifiers (CEVA Power League)

Columbia 13-Black National Elite - FJ3COLUM1EV - Coach Kara Alley, Coach Jen Tonkyn - Championship Semifinalists (NW Jamboree, 14 Challenge Platinum Division), All-Tournament Team Members: Madison Slade, Leeah Williamson (NW Jamboree 14 Challenge), Top Ten Regional Ranking (#10 ERVA Feb U-13), Top Five Regional Ranking (#5 ERVA/AES March U-13), Top Ten Regional Ranking (#10 ERVA Feb U-13), Top Five Regional Ranking (#3 ERVA/AES Feb U-13), 1st Place Regional Ranking (#1 ERVA Jan. 11th U-13); Championship Semifinalists (U-14 Leavenworth Spikefest)

  • 25 Mar
    13-Black, 14-Red at Columbia March Madness All Day

  • 26 Mar
    14-Black, 16-Red, 16-Black at Columbia March Madness All Day

  • 28 Mar
    13-Black, 14-Red, 14-Black practice 05:30 PM to 07:30 PM

  • 28 Mar
    16-Red, 16-Black, 17-Black practice 07:30 PM to 09:30 PM

  • 25 Mar - 28 Mar