2017 Results

Columbia 16-Black reaches top of Gold Division at CEVA Power League

Columbia 16-Black reached the Championship Final of the CEVA Power League Gold Division on Sunday. The performance nearly qualified these ladies for the NW Platinum League where the best team from both CEVA and PSVA regions compete. While 16-Black won't compete there in April, playing instead at the ERVA Championships, they continue a tradition of Columbia teams with amazing performances in power league over the years. A very big congratulations to all these ladies!

Columbia 16-Black scores: defeated NW Reign 16-1 19-25, 25-12, 15-11; lost to OJVA 16-1 Gold 13-25, 23-25; defeated YVBA 16-1 Black 25-18, 25-21; defeated OJVA 16-2 Blue 17-25, 25-22, 18-16; lost to OJVA 16-1 Gold 23-25, 19-25. Gold Division Finalists (3-2, 6-6)

Columbia 16-Red takes Diamond Championship at CEVA Power League

Columbia 16-Red, Diamond Champions CEVA Power LeagueColumbia 16-Red went undefeated all day Sunday to finish Champions of the Diamond Division at CEVA Power League. Nothing could deny these ladies all day. They stormed back from a 10 point deficit in their opening set of their pool, and twice won tie-breakers over the course of their championship day. They simply would not be denied. Congratulations ladies!

Columbia 16-Red scores: defeated Athena 15-2 Black 27-25, 25-19; defeated Team Hiki No 16-1 25-13, 25-18; defeated Excel NW 16-2 Gold 23-25, 25-20, 15-10; defeated North Clackamas 16-1 Black 25-16, 21-25, 15-13; defeated Athena 15-2 Black 25-22, 25-21. - Diamond Division Champions (5-0, 10-2)

Note: amazing championship minature volleyballs! (Ask Coach John L about growing up playing with those...)

Columbia 17-Black claims Bronze Division Championship at CEVA Power League

Columbia 17-Black claimed a second Championship in March by winning the Bronze Division Championship at CEVA Power League and moving into the Silver Division standings. Columbia's flagship team won their division just a week after claiming the Tournament Championship at the NW Jamboree. Congratulations everyone!

Columbia 17-Black scores: defeated OVA 18-1 Randi 25-8, 25-17; lost to Team Hiki No 18-2 15-25, 25-17, 11-15; defeated Agape 18-1 National 25-20, 25-12; defeated Webfoot 17-1 25-18 25-15; defeated Agape 18-1 National 29-27, 25-16. - Bronze Divsion Champions (4-1, 9-2)

Columbia 17-Black claims NW Jamboree Championship

2017 Columbia 17-Black, NW Jamboree ChampionsColumbia 17-Black was perfect all weekend... winning every set, every match enroute to their undefeated Tournament Championship at the NW Jamboree. Columbia's flagship team carried the banner for all of Columbia at a tournament that has seen scores of our players come home with Championship shirts over the years. This won't be the last championship this group claims this season, and the ladies on this team are a great group of role models for the younger players in our club. Congratulations ladies, coaches, and fans!

Columbia 17-Black scores: defeated CB Elite 18 25-8, 25-10, 25-18; defeated Eastern Oregon 18-1 25-19, 26-24, 25-6; defeated APEX 18-1 25-10, 25-9; defeated Team Yakima 18-1 25-9, 25-7; defeated Shockwave 18-2 25-14, 25-11; defeated Volleytech 2K 25-10, 25-6; defeated Eastern Oregon 18-1 25-14, 25-20; defeated CPA Adidas 16 Elite 25-11, 25-15. - Tournament Champions, NW Jamboree (8-0, 18-0)

Individual All-Tournament Team members: Madelaine Haynie, Noelani Helm, Breanna Shaffer

Columbia 16-Black races to Championship Final of NW Jamboree

2017 Columbia 16-Black, NW JamboreeColumbia 16-Black lived up to their half of a potential showdown with Columbia 16-Red by rolling undefeated all the way to the Championship Final of the NW Jamboree. While their sister team was stopped in the quarterfinals, the ladies of 16-Black didn't drop a single set enroute to the Tournament Championship match. The ease with which they dispatched team after team may have left them less prepared for a challenge when it finally came. That challenge came in the tournament final against the same team that outlasted 16-Red in the quarterfinal. Like 16-Red's match, the final went back and forth before 16-Black was stopped just short of claiming the title. These ladies will be back in another tournament final quickly, we're certain.

Columbia 16-Black scores: defeated Idaho Impact 16 25-9, 25-9; defeated KC Thunder 16 White 25-9, 25-8; defeated Bothell 15 25-15, 25-8; defeated Renovators 16 Brian 25-10, 25-8; defeated Sweets 16-1 Black 25-10, 25-5; defeated VIP 16 Local 25-10, 25-8; defeated Sweets 16-1 Black 25-18, 25-9; defeated OPVBC 15 Reign 25-18, 25-20; lost to Oly Reign 15 Gold 17-25, 25-9, 8-15. - Championship Finalists, 16 Power I Gold Divsion (8-1, 17-2)

Individual All-Tournament Team members: Sage Brustad, Hannah Hair, Kaitlyn Thompson

Columbia 16-Red reaches Gold Quarterfinals at NW Jamboree

For much of the weekend at the NW Jamboree, it looked like the Championship of the 16 Power I Division would come down to a clash between Columbia 16-Red and Columbia 16-Black. 16-Red rolled through their first pool without a challenge, but that easy first pool may have left them less prepared for their tougher 2nd pool. After the shock of an opening pool loss, the ladies of 16-Red recovered and began to roll again before finally facing (twice) the team that prevented these ladies from claiming their spot in the Gold Power I final. Columbia 16-Red proved they can dominate, and they'll have more chances to take that talent to another Championship.

Columbia 16-Red scores: defeated Kitsap 16 Absolute 25-15, 25-6; defeated Team Yakima 16-2 Jensyn 25-15, 25-15; defeated WAVE 16 25-14, 25-11; lost to Olympic Premier VBC 12-25, 25-23, 13-15; defeated Pacific Coast 16 Power 25-16, 25-14; lost to Oly Reign 15 Gold 22-25, 14-25; lost to Oly Reign 28-26, 23-25, 10-15. - 16 Power I Gold Quarterfinalists (4-3, 10-6)

Columbia 13-Black spreads their wings at NW Jamboree

2016 Columbia 13-Black, NW JamboreeColumbia 13-Black has made steady progress all season, but they took a huge leap forward this weekend at the NW Jamboree. In their first pool, Columbia's youngest team knocked off a team and forced a three-way tie for 2nd in the pool. Columbia was the team to advance from that pool by ONE POINT, (Proving once again what all our coaches teach about every point matters.) In their second pool, the girls of 13-Black knocked off the (at that time) #1 team in the entire 14 Challenge Division, and again forced the tournament staff to get out their pool tie-breaking rules. Once again, Columbia advanced from the tie-breaking, to join the 14 Challenge Platinum bracket. Columbia 13-Black climbed all the way to the Championship Semifinal match, finishing 3rd in the 22-team 14 Challenge field. (Highest finish by a U-13 team in the 14 Challenge field.)

Columbia 13-Black scores: lost to Kitsap VBC 14 Served Hot 25-27, 25-16, 12-15; defeated O Town 14 Red 25-23, 25-23; lost to Shockwave 13 15-25, 21-25; defeated Pacific Coast VBA 14 Power 25-22, 25-23; lost to NCWVBC 14 Black 23-25, 29-27, 8-15; lost to Bothell 13 17-25, 22-25; defeated Rivals 14 19-25, 25-20, 15-13; lost to Strike Force 14 Black 14-25, 11-25. - Championship Semifinalists, 14 Challenge Platinum Division (3-5, 8-11)

Individual All-Tournament Team members: Madison Slade, Leeah Williamson

Short-handed Columbia 14-Black holds their own at Power League

Columbia 14-Black had lost both their setters to injuries leading up to their return to CEVA Power League in March. During practice this past week, the team pressed two players into the setter position from other spots on the team, only to lose one of those two to an injury on Friday. Now down three of their players, the rest of the team headed into Power League Two without ever having practiced in their current formation. The 14-Black struggled to learn their new system under fire, as every player either was in a new position or flanked by players they hadn't played next to. These ladies responed, and you can see them grow into their new roles by looking at their scores. This team has some great volleyball ahead of them this season!

Columbia 14-Black scores: lost to The Factory 14-1 Black 14-25, 23-25 (2 point set #1); lost to OVA 14-2 Elevate 20-25, 28-30 (2 point set #2); defeated Tillamook 14-1 27-25 (2 point set #3); 25-20; defeated NW Reign 14-2 25-17, 27-25 (2 point set #4!); lost to Tillamook 14-1 21-25. - Contender Division (2-3, 4-5)

Columbia 14-Red holds Power League position

Columbia 14-Red fought their way to the Comeback Division Championship Semifinal for the second straight month at CEVA Power League. Their heroics weren't quite enough to get them into the final and advance them to the next division. With some players ill, these girls will have another chance to get healthy and take their division championship. We think they'll be ready.

Columbia 14-Red scores: defeated Mt Hood 14-1 Black 19-25, 25-18, 15-7; lost to YVBA 13-1 Blue 18-25, 24-26; defeated Adidas NW 14-3 Force 22-25, 25-20, 15-12; lost to Portland 14-3 Yellow 20-25, 20-25; lost to YVBA 13-1 Blue 14-25. - Comeback Division Championship Semifinalists - (2-3, 4-7)

Columbia 17-Black climbs to the top at Stars & Spikes

Columbia 17-Black rolled through much of the field in the Stars & Spikes tournament on Sunday. The Columbia ladies had only a few brief challenges enroute to an undefeated arrival in the Tournament Championship match. That championship match turned out to be a battle that swayed back and forth before Columbia's flagship team fell just short in the tie-breaker. The final was an all U-17 affair, and we're sure the Columbia ladies will have the opportunity to avenge the loss before the season is over. Their performance, final loss and all, was good enough to once again push the Columbia ladies back to 1st place in the AES Evergreen Region U-17 standings. Congratulations ladies!

Columbia 17-Black scores: defeated Sweets 18-1 25-18, 25-9; defeated Eastern Oregon 27-25, 25-20; defeated VIP 18D 25-19, 25-6; defeated Snake River 17-1 25-10, 25-9; defeated Spokane Sky 18-1 25-20, 25-7; lost to VIP 17-1 19-25, 25-23, 10-15. - Championship Finalists (5-1, 11-2)

Columbia 13-Black continues to build winning momentum

Columbia 13-Black racked up their second multi-win tournament in a row against U-14 opponents on Sunday. After finishing 2nd in their pool, Columbia's youngest team lost a tough bracket match (23-25 in the first set) to another U-13 team. It was their first U-13 loss, and the first tournament where they weren't the top finishing U-13 team. These girls continue to improve, and we're sure they'll have the opportunity to avenge that loss. Keep it up girls!

Columbia 13-Black scores: defeated Team Yakima 14-4 Linda 25-3 (that score is real), 25-19; defeated Selah 14 White 25-11, 25-17; lost to Sweets 14-2 Blue 11-25, 17-25; lost to Shockwave 13 23-25, 18-25. (2-2, 4-4)

  • 25 Mar
    13-Black, 14-Red at Columbia March Madness All Day

  • 26 Mar
    14-Black, 16-Red, 16-Black at Columbia March Madness All Day

  • 28 Mar
    13-Black, 14-Red, 14-Black practice 05:30 PM to 07:30 PM

  • 28 Mar
    16-Red, 16-Black, 17-Black practice 07:30 PM to 09:30 PM

  • 25 Mar - 28 Mar