Columbia JVBC 2019-2020 Season

It's pretty easy to be "in the know" as a Columbia parent. Everything we do is posted to our website. We believe in being as open and transparent as possible. We don't hide behind password protected sites or secret emails. (Frankly, we always wonder why some clubs feel differently.) Our practices are always open to parents and families, and we believe our communications should be done in the open as well.

To stay up on what is happening, there are two places you should look for information:

First check our website's front page OFTEN (every day) because we post new information there constantly. (We push a stream of notifications to facebook, twitter, etc. to let you know something is new, but the best thing is to go look often.)

Second, check our schedule page all the way to the bottom! That's where you'll find our calendar. You can even subscribe to the calendar to have it show up on your phone's calendar app. We post all team meetings, practices, etc. to the calendar. (The next several upcoming events will also show right near the bottom of our front page as well.) To get more information about an event (like a practice location), just click the event title in the calendar. One note: if the calendar and the Tournament Schedule list ever disagree, the Tournament Schedule is always correct.