2017 Columbia 16-Black, NW JamboreeColumbia 16-Black lived up to their half of a potential showdown with Columbia 16-Red by rolling undefeated all the way to the Championship Final of the NW Jamboree. While their sister team was stopped in the quarterfinals, the ladies of 16-Black didn't drop a single set enroute to the Tournament Championship match. The ease with which they dispatched team after team may have left them less prepared for a challenge when it finally came. That challenge came in the tournament final against the same team that outlasted 16-Red in the quarterfinal. Like 16-Red's match, the final went back and forth before 16-Black was stopped just short of claiming the title. These ladies will be back in another tournament final quickly, we're certain.

Columbia 16-Black scores: defeated Idaho Impact 16 25-9, 25-9; defeated KC Thunder 16 White 25-9, 25-8; defeated Bothell 15 25-15, 25-8; defeated Renovators 16 Brian 25-10, 25-8; defeated Sweets 16-1 Black 25-10, 25-5; defeated VIP 16 Local 25-10, 25-8; defeated Sweets 16-1 Black 25-18, 25-9; defeated OPVBC 15 Reign 25-18, 25-20; lost to Oly Reign 15 Gold 17-25, 25-9, 8-15. - Championship Finalists, 16 Power I Gold Divsion (8-1, 17-2)

Individual All-Tournament Team members: Sage Brustad, Hannah Hair, Kaitlyn Thompson

  • 25 Mar
    13-Black, 14-Red at Columbia March Madness All Day

  • 26 Mar
    14-Black, 16-Red, 16-Black at Columbia March Madness All Day

  • 28 Mar
    13-Black, 14-Red, 14-Black practice 05:30 PM to 07:30 PM

  • 28 Mar
    16-Red, 16-Black, 17-Black practice 07:30 PM to 09:30 PM

  • 25 Mar - 28 Mar