Columbia Juniors Volleyball is committed to education. We're a college-prep program that expects our players to seek higher education after high school. While we strive to help as many of our graduates realize their dream of playing in college as possible, we're just as proud of those who go on to college without continuing to be student athletes.

Columbia believes that learning to succeed in education is the key to success in life. To back up that belief, Columbia restricts participation to students who maintain at least a 3.0gpa in High School. We require regular grade checks for our athletes, and work with parents to help any player who encounters difficulty in school. The best athlete still won't be able to play in college without the ability to get good grades, and students who are struggling are better off spending their time in the library instead of on the court.

Columbia takes other steps to help our student athletes as well, including restricting our practices during standardized testing periods. We aim to increase our assistance to our players and their familes by providing resources for help with preparing, applying, and financing for college.

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