Air Quality

We are continuing to monitor air quality and how it might affect tryouts tomorrow. UPDATE: Together with other clubs in the area, we are postponing tryouts one week to Saturday, Sept. 19th. Times and locations will remain the same. See everyone there!

Tryout Times Announced

Tryout times for the upcoming season:

U-12 and younger > Sunday, Nov. 3rd, 11am - 1pm at Tri-City Prep High School in Pasco.

U-13 and U-14 > Sunday, Nov. 3rd, 8am - 10am at Tri-City Prep High School in Pasco.

U-15 and U-16 > Sunday, Nov. 10th, 2pm - 4pm at Tri-City Prep High School in Pasco.

U-17 and U-18 > Sunday, Nov. 10th, 5pm - 7pm at Tri-City Prep High School in Pasco.

Tryouts Are Coming for the 2019-2020 Season!

Tryouts for the 2020 Season will happen in November! Watch our website for more information shortly...

U-14, U-13, and U-12 (and younger) tryouts will happen Sunday, November 3rd.

U-18, U-17, U-16, and U-15 tryouts will happen Sunday, November 10th.

Times and locations will be announced shortly. We'll see everyone there!

U-15 player update

Columbia JVBC is looking at adding several additional players to our U-15 teams (players born on or after Sept. 1st 2003.) Any interested player should contact Chris at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for more information. There is a short window for adding any interested player, so don't wait to reach out to us if you are interested in playing.

U-15/16 Player Update

Columbia JVBC will hold a supplemental tryout for additional U-15 players on Nov. 25th at noon at Tri-Cities Prep HS in Pasco. Columbia MAY add up to 3 players at U-15 depending on skills at certain positions. See the Tryout Process post on our website's front page for the paperwork needed to attend this tryout. For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Columbia's U-16 team is complete.

Players who have already been named to Columbia 16-Black Elite National, Columbia 15-Black Elite National, or Columbia 15-Red Elite National should do the following:

Upgrade their USAV tryout membership to Regular - Junior Girls. Click USAV Webpoint to login or create a membership.

Select Columbia Jrs as their Club in their USAV Membership. (We can't see them as members until you do this step.)

Select their choices (at least three) for jersey number using the link on the front page of our website. (Some players may move from Red to Black, but Jersey numbers are not duplicated between teams, so it won't matter if that happens.)

Select their uniform sizes using the link on the front page of our website.

Pay their initial fee ($500) at their first practice. See our Fees page from the website menu for additional payments.

WATCH our website closely for additional information!

2015 Commits

  • Cassandra Brownell - signed (track), Northwest Christian University
  • Anna Grigsby - signed, Colorado College
  • Hannah Hulse - signed, Pacific University
  • Taylor Little - signed, College of Idaho
  • Megan Steach - signed, Montana Tech

2016 Commits

  • Morgan Kline - signed, University of California Riverside
  • Maloree Kupp - signed, University of Redlands
  • Bethane Nelson - signed, Evergreen State College
  • Ashlin Orosco - signed, Walla Walla Community College

2017 Commits

  • Tasha Hungate - signed, Evergreen State College
  • Catelyn Linke - signed, Eastern Washington University
  • McKaidan Moore - signed, University of West Alabama
  • Ashtin Olin - signed, California State University, Sacramento
  • Leanna Shymanski - signed, Eastern Washington University
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