Kera DexterMore updates from our former players now in college...

Kera Dexter (Selah HS) is playing for Dominican College (just outside New York City.) (Fun Fact: Kera is a former Iron Viking award winner.) Kera is a setter for the Chargers, and is majoring in Business Administration. Kera was named Domnican College Top Freshman Female Athlete last year!

Hunter Durham #1Hunter Durham (Kamiakin HS) has been playing just a little closer to home at Wenatchee Valley College. (Hunter is #1 in the photo.) (Fun Fact: Hunter has been coached by another Columbia Alumna player at Wenatchee - Daria Winckler!)

We hope to see all three of these ladies back in our gym soon!

For more news from our alumni players check the Alumni News feed, and find them all on our Alumni page.

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