Columbia JVBC Club Rules

Because of our limited practice schedule, and the program orientation toward accelerated technical development, attendance (along with promptness) is extremely important in order that the goals of each athlete and the program may be achieved.

It is expected that the athlete prioritize her schedule and exercise good time management skills so that scheduling conflicts are kept to a minimum.

In all cases, the athlete must inform her coach or the club director a minimum of 24 hours in advance when she can't attend a practice or tournament. If a practice or tournament is missed, it is the responsibility of the athlete to contact her coach or check the club web site to confirm the date and the time of the next practice.

A practice and tournament schedule will be posted on the website, and if there are changes due to the weather or other conditions beyond our control, athletes will be notified of the changes either on the website (or if on extremely short notice only) by their coach. We will also post the tournament sites(s) or any changes to the tournament schedule on our club's website.

All athletes must arrive at each tournament on time (set by their coach). Male friend(s) of the athlete are not recommended to travel with the team and we will not allow a boyfriend to hangout with, or around the team gathering location.

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