Columbia JVBC Club Rules

1. There is no sitting down in practice unless so instructed by your coach.
2. Practice will always start on time and will end when all equipment has been returned to it's place.
3. Failure to maintain emotional control will lead to dismissal from all or part of the practice, (or a match, or tournament.)
4. All taping must be done prior to the start of the practice.
5. Mentally prepare for each practice - Practice is your sanctuary where you get to put the rest of your life on hold - Make the best use of your practice time by preparing for it mentally before walking into the gym.
6. Run when called in by the coach for instructions. Listen until the entire instruction is given, then ask questions. If it's a long or involved question, save it for the break or after practice.
7. Always shag the ball when being assigned or keep it away from the playing area or the drill in progress.
8. If you must leave the practice area for personal issues, let your coach know.
9. Every time you touch/contact the ball, you must call it by using verbal code or word designated for each technique.
10. In every drill, especially when fatigued, attempt to play every ball using the correct technique taught.
11. If a teammate is fatigued during the drill, encourage her onward.
12. A Player must notify her coach as early as possible if she will miss practice or be late (due to school, illness, medical, or other emergency).
13. Players must report injuries or illness immediately to their coach.
14. There will be no wearing jewelry during the practice or match.
15. No chewing gum during practice or match.
16. Alway wear your uniform as designed.

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