Columbia JVBC Club Rules

The overriding principle under which we will always operate is: conduct yourself in such a manner that you bring credit and respect to the Columbia Junior Volleyball program, your teammates, yourself, and your family.

Each athlete and their parents will agree with the rules and regulations of this program. An athlete or parent who willfully performs an act, which materially interferes with or is detrimental to the orderly operation of the program, shall be subject to discipline, suspension or expulsion.

Discipline shall mean all forms of corrective action other than suspension and expulsion, and may include the following: [1] Exclusion of the athlete or parent from practice(s), match(es), or tournament(s), and or [2] Probation during which the athlete remains part of the team while she is give the opportunity to correct the deficiency in a time prescribed by the coach. During probation, the athlete may continue to practice and participate in matches and tournaments. In the event probation is imposed, the coach will inform the athlete of the deficiency, how the athlete may correct it, and the number of day(s) of probation. Upon completion of the probationary period it may be extended or the athlete may be suspended.

Suspension shall mean a suspension from participation for a specified number of days during which the athlete may not participate in any team related activity.

Expulsion shall mean the complete denial of the right to participate for an indefinite period of time.

Prior to the implementation of any disciplinary action a conference will be conducted with the athlete to provide her the opportunity to present an explanation of her action. Following the conference with the athlete, the coach will notify the athlete of the action to be taken. Promptly thereafter the club director and the athlete's parents will be contacted noting the action taken and the reason for disciplinary action.

The following acts, not to be considered all-inclusive, shall constitute sufficient cause for disciplinary action:

  1. Disruptive and unsportsmanlike conduct at practice or tournaments.
  2. Unexcused absence from practice, matches, or tournaments.
  3. Use or possession of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, drugs and/or related paraphernalia.
  4. Disobedience of reasonable instructions from the coaching staff.
  5. Tardiness to practices or matches.
  6. Failure to maintain academic standards of the program.
  7. Negative attitude toward the team or team members(s).
  8. Parents should refrain from approaching their child's coach in a confrontational manner during tournaments.
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