Summer League Rule Differences

There are a number of rules that are different from normal HS play during Summer League. Each of these changes is designed to either allow for faster play or for the relaxed nature of summer league rosters.

Match Format - (see Summer League Format FAQ )

Uniforms - uniforms (or numbers) are not required, but are allowed.

Substitutions - "free" substitutions are allowed at all positions (similar to Libero) between points, unlimited substitutions are allowed - also, no libero tracking is enforced - please make your substitutions quickly. Players are still only allowed to substitute into one spot in the rotation per set.

Warmups - (see Summer League Format FAQ )

Referees - (see Summer League Format FAQ )

Playing on multiple teams - players from younger teams (first wave) are allowed to play up in the second wave. Multi-team programs should not have Varsity players playing with a younger team during the first wave. Please talk to the competition director if you have problems with the number of players available.

Rotation - overlapping rotation errors are not called during summer league, but teams must serve in rotation and should "attempt" to stay in full rotation.

Double contact - double contact calls against setters are less frequent (to allow for the limited practice time many teams have so early in their season), but are called when obvious.

Summer League Format

Atomic High School Summer League is a modified ladder format weekly league for High School volleyball teams. Teams play each week in a 3-5 team pool, and move up or down in the league seedings based on their performance. The league runs usually eight weeks during the open period for HS players and coaches (June & July.)

Summer League is open to players who will be eligible to play in High School during the upcoming fall season. Each player and her parent must sign the release form in order to compete. Release forms must be returned to the league before the player will be allowed to play BY THE COACH OF THEIR TEAM.

Each team must turn in a team roster sheet with their team fee prior to their first night of competition. (Entry to Summer League is first come, first serve. Teams are encouraged to return their entry forms and fee as early as possible - usually by June 1st to ensure a spot in the league.)

Referees- each team is responsible for their referee duties. There are no paid referees during Summer League, but there is sometimes help available from the Summer League staff. Also, we are happy to welcome regular officials who sometimes use Summer League for training as well. Teams must be prepared to provide the following:

  • An R1 (up ref) - with a whistle
  • An R2 (optional)
  • Line Judges
  • Scorekeeper/Flipper

In some pools, teams may be asked to referee two courts at the same timeto allow more matches to proceed during the time allowed each week. This allows teams to play as many matches as possible.

Gym Rules-teams are responsible for the behavior of their fans as well as their players.

  1. No banned substances
  2. Teams must perform their referee assignments
  3. A team coach or team representative must check-in at the league table each night to make certain that their team will be on the playing schedule.1st wave check-in: 4pm; 2nd wave check-in: 6:15pm
  4. No food, no drinks allowed in the gym... plain water is the ONLY exception
  5. Teams that fail to attend any given night (without adequate notice to the league) may have their seeding reduced for the following week
  6. Matches (unless instructed otherwise by court managers) are EITHER 2 games to 25 OR 1 game to 25 and 1 game to 15.
  7. Warmups for the next match start immediately.The higher seeded team will always warm up first, and serve first.Teams that just finished playing a match do not warmup for the next match. If an open court is available, the lower seeded team should move to that court and warmup at the same time.DO NOT WAIT for a referee to start your warmups.Slow/long warmups cut heavily into the playing time for every team.
  8. Please respect the parking areas - tickets ($120+) are issued

Pool Formats: (teams will play a minimum of two matches per wave) Parents may be asked to help keep score for a 4 team/2 court pool.

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