Columbia Junior Volleyball Club

"Since 1990, the purpose of Columbia Junior Volleyball has been to provide the highest level of volleyball competition, and the best volleyball experience for our players. As a club, we strive to be the best on and off the court, and to help our players to be the best they can be in volleyball, in the classroom, and in life."

Columbia JVBC 2019-2020 Season

There is a lot on uncertainty about how the Evergreen Region of USA Volleyball intends to put together the upcoming season. Columbia JVBC is waiting to find out many details just like everyone else. Here are a few things we CAN say about what will happen:

  • Columbia won't participate in practice or tournaments for High School age players during a Spring High School volleyball season. We won't create a conflict for players with their high school teams.
  • Columbia won't participate in practices or tournaments that we don't feel are safe for our players and families.
  • Columbia WILL endeavour to make this season instructive and fun for our players, no matter how the season is structured.
  • Columbia is a college-prep program and will continue to expect student athletes to demonstrate 3.0 or higher gpa during our season.

We will continue to post updates as we get more information.

2015 Commits

  • Cassandra Brownell - signed (track), Northwest Christian University
  • Anna Grigsby - signed, Colorado College
  • Hannah Hulse - signed, Pacific University
  • Taylor Little - signed, College of Idaho
  • Megan Steach - signed, Montana Tech

2016 Commits

  • Morgan Kline - signed, University of California Riverside
  • Maloree Kupp - signed, University of Redlands
  • Bethane Nelson - signed, Evergreen State College
  • Ashlin Orosco - signed, Walla Walla Community College

2017 Commits

  • Tasha Hungate - signed, Evergreen State College
  • Catelyn Linke - signed, Eastern Washington University
  • McKaidan Moore - signed, University of West Alabama
  • Ashtin Olin - signed, California State University, Sacramento
  • Leanna Shymanski - signed, Eastern Washington University
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