Columbia Junior Volleyball Club

"Since 1990, the purpose of Columbia Junior Volleyball has been to provide the highest level of volleyball competition, and the best volleyball experience for our players. As a club, we strive to be the best on and off the court, and to help our players to be the best they can be in volleyball, in the classroom, and in life."

Columbia JVBC 2019-2020 Season

So, you always wanted to be a Chaperone?

Chaperones don't have much of a role within Columbia (since our teams always travel with parents), but the position is required under the rules for every team. If you've always wanted to have your name on a volleyball roster, this is your chance. We ask that anyone volunteering plan to attend all tournaments with the team. (Sometimes, Chaperones are asked to attend coaches meetings at the start of the day, and sign a roster.) We also prefer that they are women (less paperwork.) Chapeones will also need to pass a background check. Just about the only things a Chaperone might be asked to do are: carry information to other parents at a tournament, or help with an injured player (including go with the player to any medical treatment) IF the player's parents are not in attendance. 

So, if you would like to volunteer and fufill that life long roster dream (and possibly horrify your daughter), let your team coach know on Sunday. If the coach picks you, email Chris at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for instructions on how to sign up. (And Congratulations!)

Volunteers, Schedules, Team Updates

As ever, Columbia is dependent on our volunteers. Thank you to everyone who helped at our tryouts! [ UPDATED 11/21/16 - 3:53pm ]

UPDATE: next practices have been added this Tuesday. Tentative tournament dates are being added to our website, but remember that we can't actually enter anything yet. Don't make plans you can't change until we begin to mark dates as CONFIRMED.

Team updates: If you see an error in your listing on a roster, email Chris to get it fixed.

Columbia 17-Black is complete. Startup fee is due. ($450) Next payment will be due in January.

Columbia 16-Black is compete. Startup fee is due. ($450) Next payment will be due in January.

Columbia 16-Red is complete. Startup fee is due. ($450) Next payment will be due in January.

Columbia 14-Black is complete. Startup fee is due. ($400) Next payment will be due in January.

Columbia 14-Red MAY have one opening for a Middle Hitter. If you know a player who might be a good fit, email Chris about a supplemental tryout for this position. Startup fee is due. ($400) Next payment will be due in January.

Columbia 13-Black is complete. Startup fee is due. ($350) Next payment will be due in January.

Players can make their startup fee payment at practice OR they can mail payments to Columbia JVBC - 4513 North Peyote Drive, Pasco, WA 99301. 

Veterans Day

Coach JohnWhile this is always a busy week for our club with tryouts, forming new teams, and all the paperwork of preparing for a new season, today we stop and remember all those who have served our nation's armed forces. Their service has kept our county the kind of place where we have the luxury of club volleyball. A big thank you to all our former players and coaches who have served.

(The photo is Coach John while serving with the USAF in Afghanistan on the day the Seahawks won the Super Bowl.)

Thank you to our volunteers

A big thank you to all the volunteers who helped with our younger team tryouts yesterday. Columbia couldn't exist without the volunteer time of our coaching staff and all the parents of Columbia players. Thank you all for everything you do to help our club operate. We'll see many of you again next Sunday to help with tryouts for our older teams. Thank you!

Heads up! Busy weekend at the Willamette Classic ahead.

Some additional info from the Willamette Classic Tournament this weekend:
We just posted another updated seeding link.  Make sure you and your parents follow 'Willamette Volleyball Classic Tournament' on Facebook for updates.  Go to:
Also, please make sure your teams are aware of another event occurring Saturday near the tournament facilities on the OSU campus.  Please click here:  Streets and parking will be busy!!!
Jessica Quinn
Tournament Director  I  Willamette Volleyball Classic LLC 

Columbia loves our club parents!

Parents from 2016 Columbia 12-BlackOne of the things that makes our club so successful is our amazing parents. We appreciate all the driving, watching, cheering, feeding, finding that lost water bottle, ball chasing, and spectacular kid raising each of you do. Our coaches look forward to seeing you again with each new season. Columbia often feels like family because of the multi-year relationships we all develop between staff, players, and parents. Thank you for everything you do! Go Columbia!

Lots of updates

After Chris having the flu for a week, and a dominating weekend for the club with our teams playing in all three west coast states... we're back with lots of team updates!

Fan behavior at volleyball matches

Columbia fans are reminded that one of the things that makes volleyball unique as a sport is the usually high level of tolerance and good behavior at tournaments. This means our fans don't behave in the way fans often do in other sports including verbal disagreements with coaches or referees. If you plan to travel and support one of our teams at tournaments, please review the Parent/Spectator Code of Conduct. All Columbia parents must sign and return this to their team's coach. Thanks for making volleyball a great sport!

It's recruiting season.

Soon, our older teams will be competing at tournaments where college coaches will be recruiting. Before that happens, we'd like each player from the 2016, 2017, and 2018 recruiting classes to create a free profile at BeRecruited to help provide information to coaches. Notice we said "free" profile. Always talk to John before participating in paid recruiting services. Create a (free) profile at University Athlete as well. See our Recruiting page for more recruiting help.

Once you've created your profile, email the link for your profile to Chris so he can update our Recruiting page to include your profile. John would like profiles for every player listed prior to the Las Vegas tournament.

Some ways to volunteer as a Columbia parent :)

Columbia depends on two fantastic groups of people to make our club run smoothly so our players can learn and compete all season. The first group is our volunteer coaches. Our coaches keep returning season after season to work with our players and create great individual players, and our very competitive teams. The second group is our terrific parents. So many things big and small get handled by our parent volunteers all season long. We really appreciate everything you do! Here is a partial list of things to volunteer for this season:

Chaperones: Columbia teams don't use chaperones to manage player travel (our players travel with their families), but we are still required to have an official chaperone on each team. Being a chaperone means registering as a USAV member, and passing a background check. (Columbia will reimburse you for the membership fee.) Most of our head coaches have already chosen a volunteer to be chaperone, but if you are interested in the job check with your team's coach.

Instructions for chaperones: AFTER you have been chosen by your team's coach, register with USAV on Webpoint for membership. (Be sure to choose Columbia Jrs as your club.) You'll need to pay online and can deduct the fee from your player's January fees. Email Chris your first and last name, so he can list you with the team.

Reporting tournament results: Prior to this season, we've always relied on our coaches to report back their teams results from tournaments. Our coaches are VERY busy at tournaments however, so we'd like to shift to using parents to report results. Done consistently, reporting our results can affect team seeding over the course of the season, so this can be a very important role.

Instructions for volunteering to report results: Email Chris if you are willing to do this role for your team. (You can recruit other parents to help or divide up the role.) You'll get instructions back for how to identify opposing teams and correctly report results.

Shagging balls at tournaments: This may not seem hard or even important, but it is EXTREMELY important! Having parents help control our volleyballs means that players can focus on warmups, coaches aren't distracted by equipment management, and we can help control our team fees by reducing the number of volleyballs we are forced to replace.

How to control volleyballs during warmups: This takes ALL parents. You aren't allowed to be actually on the court, but you can "surround" the court to stop/chase balls that are escaping during warmups. Don't roll balls back through the court duing team warmup (this can result in injury.) Instead, watch for players or coaches who are ready to receive balls back either on the receiving side of the court, or along the side of the court. Every team quickly develops their own style for this, but the more parents who help, the better it works. (Organized parents make our teams look great during warmup!)

Feed your player during tournaments: Players, especially younger or less experienced ones, aren't always good at judging just how much their effort is taking out of them over the course of the day at a tournament. Push them if needed to eat right and stay hydrated over the course of the day. Talk to you team's coach if you need recommendations about what to feed them. Don't wait for "lunch time", there is no such thing at a volleyball tournament. They need to eat the night before, and in the morning before arriving, and they need to drink water all day long. (Don't forget to watch out for our coaches too, sometimes they need to be reminded to eat as well.)

We'll add other options here soon...

Columbia on Twitter

Reminder! Bring your masks, shoes, and cold weather gear to practices...
Practices are canceled today. Tentative practices at 1pm tomorrow. Spooky!
No practices today. Practices Thursday are tentative. We may schedule practice on Friday or Saturday. Check back often!

2015 Commits

  • Cassandra Brownell - signed (track), Northwest Christian University
  • Anna Grigsby - signed, Colorado College
  • Hannah Hulse - signed, Pacific University
  • Taylor Little - signed, College of Idaho
  • Megan Steach - signed, Montana Tech

2016 Commits

  • Morgan Kline - signed, University of California Riverside
  • Maloree Kupp - signed, University of Redlands
  • Bethane Nelson - signed, Evergreen State College
  • Ashlin Orosco - signed, Walla Walla Community College

2017 Commits

  • Tasha Hungate - signed, Evergreen State College
  • Catelyn Linke - signed, Eastern Washington University
  • McKaidan Moore - signed, University of West Alabama
  • Ashtin Olin - signed, California State University, Sacramento
  • Leanna Shymanski - signed, Eastern Washington University
  • 23 Jan
    14-Black, 18-Black practice 12:00 PM to 02:15 PM

  • 23 Jan
    15-Black, 16-Black practice 01:45 PM to 04:00 PM

  • 30 Jan
    15-Black at Moscow Jamboree All Day

  • 31 Jan
    18-Black at Moscow Jamboree All Day

  • 23 Jan - 01 Feb