Columbia Junior Volleyball Club

"Since 1990, the purpose of Columbia Junior Volleyball has been to provide the highest level of volleyball competition, and the best volleyball experience for our players. As a club, we strive to be the best on and off the court, and to help our players to be the best they can be in volleyball, in the classroom, and in life."

Columbia JVBC 2019-2020 Season

16-Black, 17-Black call to reserve your Vegas hotel room now for the LV Classic

Parents on the rooming list need to call KC Sports by 4pm today to guarantee their room for the Las Vegas Classic.

KC Sports - 800.775.7244

Rooming list is under Columbia Juniors and your last name.

Questions? Problems? Contact John L asap.

How to be famous. The 2017 edition.

If you've been watching Columbia's website for any length of time, you know that we write about every team's results. When we have great results to write about, we also like to include photos. Sometimes, we are actually waiting for a team photo to do the story about another championship. We get those photos from all kinds of places... text or email messages to Chris, Instagram (columbiavb), Facebook (it helps to be friends with Chris, find him), Twitter (@columbiajrs), or even (believe it or not) handed to us on disk or usb.

If you've got a great couple of photos, send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and remember to take a team photo EVERYTIME your team wins out at the end of a tournament. We love those championship photos.

Attention Las Vegas-bound parents

Mandalay Bay ResortFor 16-Black and 17-Black parents... If you haven't already (or even if you have), please email John L - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with you request for rooms for the Las Vegas Classic. (He needs the number of rooms, single king or two queens preference for each room, and a list of people who will be in those rooms. He also needs your arrival and departure dates.) Please get this to him asap. Once we have finished our room block, you'll be given a phone number to call in and reserve your room from our block. Update: Treasure Island seems to have backed out of their original pricing, so we have blocked rooms at Mandalay Bay. We'll have instructions for parents to claim their rooms from the club block in about a week according to the tournament housing office.

16-Red, continue to watch our website. We hope to have that team make it off the waitlist, but have no idea how likely that is yet. Thanks!

Practice Reminders

Please! Remember the following rules for behavior around our practices:

  • Park only in designated parking spaces. DO NOT park in the bus loading zone. This is not ok even if you see someone else from another event doing exactly that.
  • DO NOT enter the gym until a Columbia coach gives the ok at the start of practice. We are often following school teams and we need to respect their time in the gym. (Even if the gym appears empty, wait for a Columbia coach to give the ok... until then, wait in the hallway.)
  • We always welcome parents at our practices. Please let your child be in charge of their own practice time. Let them work with our coaches without worrying about your approval, and let them learn to take charge of their experience. We support your coaching of your children through everything else in their life, but practices and matches belong to them and their team.
  • Let your team coach know if you would like to help in any way. We're a volunteer organization.


Uniform Orders!

It's time for ALL players to give their size information for uniforms. Click here and fill out your order asap! (All these items are included in your club fees.)

How to thrive as a Columbia parent

It's pretty easy to be "in the know" as a Columbia parent. Everything we do is posted to our website. We believe in being as open and transparent as possible. We don't hide behind password protected sites or secret emails. (Frankly, we always wonder why some clubs feel differently.) Our practices are always open to parents and families, and we believe our communications should be done in the open as well.

To stay up on what is happening, there are two places you should look for information:

First check our website's front page OFTEN (every day) because we post new information there constantly. (We push a stream of notifications to facebook, twitter, etc. to let you know something is new, but the best thing is to go look often.)

Second, check our schedule page all the way to the bottom! That's where you'll find our calendar. You can even subscribe to the calendar to have it show up on your phone's calendar app. We post all team meetings, practices, etc. to the calendar. (The next several upcoming events will also show right near the bottom of our front page as well.) To get more information about an event (like a practice location), just click the event title in the calendar. One note: if the calendar and the Tournament Schedule list ever disagree, the Tournament Schedule is always correct.

So, you always wanted to be a Chaperone?

Chaperones don't have much of a role within Columbia (since our teams always travel with parents), but the position is required under the rules for every team. If you've always wanted to have your name on a volleyball roster, this is your chance. We ask that anyone volunteering plan to attend all tournaments with the team. (Sometimes, Chaperones are asked to attend coaches meetings at the start of the day, and sign a roster.) We also prefer that they are women (less paperwork.) Chapeones will also need to pass a background check. Just about the only things a Chaperone might be asked to do are: carry information to other parents at a tournament, or help with an injured player (including go with the player to any medical treatment) IF the player's parents are not in attendance. 

So, if you would like to volunteer and fufill that life long roster dream (and possibly horrify your daughter), let your team coach know on Sunday. If the coach picks you, email Chris at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for instructions on how to sign up. (And Congratulations!)

Volunteers, Schedules, Team Updates

As ever, Columbia is dependent on our volunteers. Thank you to everyone who helped at our tryouts! [ UPDATED 11/21/16 - 3:53pm ]

UPDATE: next practices have been added this Tuesday. Tentative tournament dates are being added to our website, but remember that we can't actually enter anything yet. Don't make plans you can't change until we begin to mark dates as CONFIRMED.

Team updates: If you see an error in your listing on a roster, email Chris to get it fixed.

Columbia 17-Black is complete. Startup fee is due. ($450) Next payment will be due in January.

Columbia 16-Black is compete. Startup fee is due. ($450) Next payment will be due in January.

Columbia 16-Red is complete. Startup fee is due. ($450) Next payment will be due in January.

Columbia 14-Black is complete. Startup fee is due. ($400) Next payment will be due in January.

Columbia 14-Red MAY have one opening for a Middle Hitter. If you know a player who might be a good fit, email Chris about a supplemental tryout for this position. Startup fee is due. ($400) Next payment will be due in January.

Columbia 13-Black is complete. Startup fee is due. ($350) Next payment will be due in January.

Players can make their startup fee payment at practice OR they can mail payments to Columbia JVBC - 4513 North Peyote Drive, Pasco, WA 99301. 

Veterans Day

Coach JohnWhile this is always a busy week for our club with tryouts, forming new teams, and all the paperwork of preparing for a new season, today we stop and remember all those who have served our nation's armed forces. Their service has kept our county the kind of place where we have the luxury of club volleyball. A big thank you to all our former players and coaches who have served.

(The photo is Coach John while serving with the USAF in Afghanistan on the day the Seahawks won the Super Bowl.)

Thank you to our volunteers

A big thank you to all the volunteers who helped with our younger team tryouts yesterday. Columbia couldn't exist without the volunteer time of our coaching staff and all the parents of Columbia players. Thank you all for everything you do to help our club operate. We'll see many of you again next Sunday to help with tryouts for our older teams. Thank you!

Columbia on Twitter

Happy Super Sunday everyone! Reminder: no practices today.
Travel weather in the Columbia Gorge is predicted to worsen going into Saturday. Don't delay your departures today…
Practice tonight is ON... time moved forward to 7:10pm. Drive safely!

2015 Commits

  • Cassandra Brownell - signed (track), Northwest Christian University
  • Anna Grigsby - signed, Colorado College
  • Hannah Hulse - signed, Pacific University
  • Taylor Little - signed, College of Idaho
  • Megan Steach - signed, Montana Tech

2016 Commits

  • Morgan Kline - signed, University of California Riverside
  • Maloree Kupp - signed, University of Redlands
  • Bethane Nelson - signed, Evergreen State College
  • Ashlin Orosco - signed, Walla Walla Community College

2017 Commits

  • Tasha Hungate - signed, Evergreen State College
  • Catelyn Linke - signed, Eastern Washington University
  • McKaidan Moore - signed, University of West Alabama
  • Ashtin Olin - signed, California State University, Sacramento
  • Leanna Shymanski - signed, Eastern Washington University
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