Columbia Junior Volleyball Club

"Since 1990, the purpose of Columbia Junior Volleyball has been to provide the highest level of volleyball competition, and the best volleyball experience for our players. As a club, we strive to be the best on and off the court, and to help our players to be the best they can be in volleyball, in the classroom, and in life."

Columbia JVBC 2019-2020 Season

Las Vegas Classic

Columbia's 16-Black, 7-Black and 18-Black are confirmed for the Las Vegas Classic in February.

Parents from those teams should make travel and hotel arrangements now! (See our Schedule page for additional information.)

Allegiant Air is having a sale TODAY for Cyber Monday at 40% off.

Update: The Allegiant Flights appear to be mostly sold out at this point.

Players would fly in on Friday, and fly out on Monday at 4pm. If you fly another flight, fly in on Friday, out AFTER 4pm Monday.

Parents can also book at the club/team hotel (Excalibur) using the hotel website only. If you book via the hotel website, your rate can be adjusted if (as it often does) the rate falls after Jan. 1st. Exaclibur Hotel: 

Practice starts today!

Practice starts today for all players, all teams!

See the "Housekeeping" article on our front page to check the list of steps you should have completed before practicing.

For those players who are still out of town for the holiday, email your coach (or Chris) and let them know you won't be at practice today.

Weeknight practices will probably be posted Monday night, after John gets updated scheduling information from the school.

Finally, a calendar tip: upcoming events show at the bottom of every page on our website, and you can check the complete calendar at the BOTTOM of our Schedule page. But did you know you can click the plus sign at the bottom right corner of the full calendar to add our schedule to your calendar app on most phones or computers? Give it a try!

2015 High School Girls Camps - registration still open

Columbia JVBC, SHS Volleyball, and CHS Volleyball are once again hosting the traveling volleyball camps conducted by Dr. Mashallah Farokhmanesh, Associate Head Coach at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

The All-Skills (basic and advanced skills for passing, hitting, digging, serving, setting, etc.) camp dates are July 13-15, 8am-11am and noon-3pm. The camp is open to 7th thru 12th graders, and you can register at the door on the first morning.

The Hitters/Setters (basic and advanced position skills for Outside Hitters, Middle Hitters, Setters) camp dates are July 16-17, 8am-11am and noon-3pm. The camp is open to 7th thru 12th graders, and you can register at the door on the first morning.

Click for more information and registration forms

Don't miss this opportunity for the very best volleyball camp program available in our area.

Make sure your club dues are current

Parents, please make sure your player's club dues are current. You can make payments to your team's coach or at practice next week. Don't allow your player to miss tryouts in the fall because of a missed payment. (The Region won't allow players with outstanding fees to tryout for any club.) Check with John if you are unsure about your stats asap. Thanks!

A note about uniform care

John would like to remind players to wash their jerseys "inside out", and to always let them "hang dry." We want you to look your best!

Practice changes

Due to changes in the school schedule, practice times are changing (including times and days for all our teams this week.) Always double check our practice schedule!

A note about calendars

Since several people reported time zone problems, we turned off the ability to click on an event from any page of our website. Upcoming events still scroll at the bottom of every page, but for more inforrmation... please click on our Schedule page and check the list for any updated information for tournaments OR the calendar at the bottom of the list for practice and meeting information (events can still be clicked there for locations and other information.)

Columbia Android AppIt's important to check our schedule page often for updates and changes.

Our website works great on mobile devices too, but for an even faster experience checking the calendar... try out Android app!



Yes, we know... it's endless. Still, Players must have turned in both their Medical Release form and Parent/Spectator Code of Conduct form to their team's Coach in order to practice. Make sure you are able to participate at practice this week!

Schedule updates

Our team schedules are more than 75% complete now! There are lots of travel updates on our schedule page. Parents should make reservations and travel plans now for those tournaments where it shows you are released. (Including NW Jamboree and U-14 Power League Qualifier #1)

It's Chaperones time!

Every Columbia team is required by our region to have a "Team Chaperone." Since Columbia teams leave player travel to the supervision of families, our Chaperones don't have a lot of responsibilities. Chaperones MAY be asked to be present at Tournemant Coaches meetings with their coach and sign the roster at some tournaments. They can relay site rules back to the rest of the parents after Coaches meetings. Chaperones MAY help provide supervision of players if requested by one of our coaches while at a tournament as well. Coaches may also ask Chaperones to help relay tournament results to Chris for our website.

If you've been asked to be the Chaperone for your daughter's team, please do the following:

  • E-Mail Chris and let him know you are the chosen one (if you don't already show on the list below)
  • Sign up on Webpoint (using the links on the front of the Evergreen Region website) and register for a Chaperone Membership (please! be sure to set your Club to Columbia Jrs) and you will need to complete the background check authorization. Pay your membership fee online, and John L will reduce your January player fees to reimburse you. EV Region help and instructions are online.
  • Complete the "Chaperone Responsibilities" form and return to your team's coach.

Team Chaperones:

  • 12-Black - Jennifer Meinecke
  • 14-Red - Melissa Wiley
  • 14-Black - Lisa Scott
  • 15-Black - Coralee Fisher
  • 16-Red - Renee Krovoshein
  • 16-Black - Stacey Shelton
  • 18-Red - Julie Estes
  • 18-Black - Amy Beightol

Columbia on Twitter

Happy Super Sunday everyone! Reminder: no practices today.
Travel weather in the Columbia Gorge is predicted to worsen going into Saturday. Don't delay your departures today…
Practice tonight is ON... time moved forward to 7:10pm. Drive safely!

2015 Commits

  • Cassandra Brownell - signed (track), Northwest Christian University
  • Anna Grigsby - signed, Colorado College
  • Hannah Hulse - signed, Pacific University
  • Taylor Little - signed, College of Idaho
  • Megan Steach - signed, Montana Tech

2016 Commits

  • Morgan Kline - signed, University of California Riverside
  • Maloree Kupp - signed, University of Redlands
  • Bethane Nelson - signed, Evergreen State College
  • Ashlin Orosco - signed, Walla Walla Community College

2017 Commits

  • Tasha Hungate - signed, Evergreen State College
  • Catelyn Linke - signed, Eastern Washington University
  • McKaidan Moore - signed, University of West Alabama
  • Ashtin Olin - signed, California State University, Sacramento
  • Leanna Shymanski - signed, Eastern Washington University
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